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Owning a pet makes you responsible for providing them a designated space on your property where they can enjoy themselves playing and have plenty of exercise. While opting for natural grass may not be ideal for a pet owner, as pet waste can damage the grass' condition, maintenance can be challenging. Fortunately, artificial grass offers the best alternative. The surfaces used to install artificial grass are resistant to staining and discoloration, even with constant use. Napa Artificial Grass is well regarded because we carefully craft our work and are exceptionally skilled at what we do.

Artificial grass turf is 100% safe for dogs and other pets. Before installation, each turf is carefully crafted for a more vigorous, long-lasting turf, ideal for owning pets. This makes it twice as better as natural grass. Since dogs love to play around aggressively, pet owners can know that no matter how much energy their furry friend has for running around, the artificial grass won't incur any damage. With the proper care, it can almost have a lifetime guarantee.

Keep in mind that if the purpose of your artificial grass is for your pets, it needs regular cleaning and disinfection to keep you and your pet safe. If you do not think you'd be able to manage the upkeep, there may be better options than artificial grass.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

Easy Maintenance

Caring for artificial grass is simple. Clear the debris from its surface regularly, give it a rinse from time to time, and regularly brush the blades to keep them standing tall. A solution of water and soap is the best way to clean and eliminate waste-causing odors. Apart from what we mentioned, you're all set!

Lifetime Feature

At Napa artificial grass, we exclusively use synthetic grass that gives the appearance and texture of natural grass. Some people won't be able to distinguish it from real grass. Also, artificial grass maintains its vibrant green hue all year round. 

Impeccable Strength

Artificial grass is more substantial than natural grass. It can survive in any weather condition. It can withstand heavy objects, pet activities, and daily use. Always be bold and place it where there is a lot of foot traffic.


Since artificial grass is not a living thing, it is resistant to weeds and fends off pest infestations. It maintains its original appearance without harmful chemical treatments like weed-killers, herbicides, and pesticides. The use of synthetic grass contributes positively to the environment. 

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